Premium Domains: The cost effective permanent advertising solution.

Imagine this scenario: You are a small business owner of a plumbing company out of Phoenix. A common way of gaining a customer base is by purchasing an advertisement slot in a popular radio show. The prices of such an endeavor can be astronomical. You’re typically looking at a range of around $5000 – $6000 for a decent 30 second radio segment that will air for the next week, you then have to consider how to hook the listeners within moments of the commercials coming on, before they have a chance to change the station. You also have to include short memorable ways that keep your business fresh in the customer’s memory as they go about their day.


With that in mind, the short 30 second segment thus naturally has to pack a lot of important information – such as your business name, contact number, location, and hours – everything that is vital to a business’ success. However, the more information you try to pack into the segment, the less likely the listener will actually retain that information, especially as they are driving down the freeway on their way to work.


The easiest way to impact your customers is by having a short, sweet, and simple domain name broadcast within the segment multiple times. They need something easy to remember, something they will type in without searching, something they can remember to tell their friends about, and something with good keywords.


They need an anchor that they can latch onto as the rest of the information about your plumbing business buzzes through their heads. They need a Top Choice Domain.


The price of a quality domain name may fall into the same $5000 – $6000 price range that is typical for a week of radio advertisement. However, the benefits of having a memorable name will have a far better return on your investment as compared to purchasing said segment. Having a memorable name will drive more customers to your business, generate good keywords, as well as gain website trust and credibility. More importantly it is a lifelong marketing and advertising tool that you can maintain year after year.


The price to continue to run the advertisement every other week stays around the same $5000 – $6000 price tag. Therefore, throughout a month, you are spending roughly $10,000 – $12,000, just on a radio segment, with no large reassurance on a return on your investment.


The price to continue to maintain a quality domain name? Roughly $15 a year. The choice is simple:Quality domain names are an important asset to have that better promotes your business. In fact, having a Top Choice Domain will be THE best asset you obtain for your business.



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