The domain I want is taken!

You found it. After hours of searching and countless headaches, you’ve found the perfect domain name for you and the business you want to start. It’s everything you wanted it to be, it’s short and sweet, but…someone else owns it? What happens if the domain is already taken? How do you acquire it? Is it even possible at this point?

There are a few ways to look at the domain to see if it is listed anywhere for sale. First, check out the landing page. Simply go to the address bar and type in the domain. Is there an active site? Has it been updated recently? Is there a social media presence attached? If there is, has that been updated recently? Great news, if the website looks broken or if it looks like a “stagnant” webpage, the owner might be willing to part with it! However, does the domain go to a page that says, “This domain may be for sale?” Even better news, now we just need to figure out a price.

If you find yourself in this situation why not let Top Choice Domains go after the domain on your behalf? At Top Choice Domains we are experts in domain negotiations and can reach out to the owner of the domain name and present the your offer to them in the most effective way possible.

Check out these huge benefits to having us negotiate on your behalf:

1. As our client, your identity and/or the business you represent will not be disclosed to the owner of the domain name. You can be assured that if you are representing a Fortune 500 Company vs a small start up and the seller has insight to this information, he will deliberately want a much higher price for the domain name.

2. Time. Your time is better spent growing your business. A domain name negotiation can be a lengthy process through email, over the phone, or on Skype. You are an expert at running your business. Why not let us take care of you, while you take care of your business?

3. We are the experts! This is a business that has its own lingo and technical details. Let the experts take care of the negotiations, otherwise you could potentially cost yourself even more time, money, and headaches, by attempting to be an expert in a field that is often very confusing and difficult to understand.

4. At Top Choice Domains we know domain names, but not only that we have dealt with the individuals and companies that are selling these intellectual assets. This will absolutely give us an edge in getting you the perfect domain and how to negotiate the best price for it.


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