Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a domain name?

Answer: A domain name is like your virtual address for your online presence, much like a street address is the location of your home or business. The domain name is how people see your website and form their first opinions.

Question: Why is a domain name so important?

Answer: There are many factors that play into how the importance of a domain name. The main reasons are Instant trust, credibility,  type in traffic, Search engine benefits and many others. For more information please visit our Blog

Question: What determines the value of a domain name?

Answer:  The value of a domain name is calculated with numerous different statistics being considered. Something to note though is that a domain name is only worth what a company or individual is willing to pay for it.  In general it goes by recent sales, keyword searches, advertising cost for that keywords for that click, length of the domain name and finally the subject matter of the domain name.